One in seven billion or one of seven billion? What is the difference? Lost and found or really found and lost. Finding that one soul, the one person in this world who will make all the difference. That may be impossible. Why should one person be so important? And the rest?

One of seven billion can be anyone and any one of us. One stands out and the others recede. One is the dream, the goal, or the disappointment. And the other? Oh, the other is the perspective of who we are, a reflection of our importance in the world, to ourself, to each other. When we are found we feel immense. When we are lost, the vastness immerses us in the great void, the ultimate nothingness.

How important can we be with seven billion inhabitants on the planet and a gazillion stars in the sky?

One of seven billion or one in seven billion, the difference between wanting and knowing, being sold short, and merging with the all. Which is which? They become confused and oscillate like the image when seen one way looks like a profile, and another, a vase. A change in focus changes the universe. But in which way?

Octavio Paz said the world changes when two people see and recognize each other. How about, the world changes when one person melts into the all encompassing unity. The world changes when we blink our eyes and the scene changes. Or we look through a kaleidoscope and turn the wheel to rearrange the pieces. Is it that simple? Sometimes, but not until it is.

One in seven billion or one of seven billion. Which are we? How de we know? Either on any given day, or both everyday. And the number is growing and we get smaller and smaller every moment or larger and larger until we are everything.

It is a history lesson, biology, anthropology, or physics, a study of the human condition or the annihilation of the planet.

One in seven billion or one of seven billion, you are, my dear, and so are you, and you, and I am and so are we and so on. If only we could touch all of them, or just one of them, maybe seven billion would not seem like such a big number, or one so lonely.